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With the Spark CH4, powerful advanced spectroscopy is available at a popular price for a host of applications,Spark CH4

With the Spark CH4, powerful advanced spectroscopy is available at a popular price for a host of applications, from process control to quality and safety assurance in Air Separation Plants. Other applications include monitoring of cylinder filling, bulk delivery and distribution transfer points, as well as welding, medical, industrial and high-purity gas production, and more. Sensitivity as low as 6 ppb with full range measurement as high as 80 ppm CH4 makes the Spark an ideal solution for these applications.

Say goodbye to cumbersome, complex, costly and labor-intensive mid-20th century technology. Gone is the need for calibration, spare parts, limited measurement ranges, and worries about drift and downtime usually associated with NDIRs. And without the need for H2 fuel gas and with plug-and-play installation within minutes, the Spark CH4 is a faster and safer alternative to FIDs. Plus, it’s a joy to start up and to operate.

The compact, affordable Spark H2O offers:
  • Powerful, proven Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology
  • Drift-free measurement
  • Increased laboratory safety without the need for fuel gas
  • Self-tuning and auto-calibration
  • Extremely low Cost of Ownership
  • Ethernet, 4-20 mA and RS-232 connectivity
  • Fast response with low gas consumption
  • CH4 analysis over a vast range: 7 ppb to 50 ppm (in O2)


Spark CH4 Brochure Spark CH4 Brochure
Application Note Spark CH4 Trace Detection Application Note Spark CH4 Trace Detection
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