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GPR-12-333 PPM O2 sensor is ideal for measuring oxygen 0-10 PPM in a gas mixture.GPR-12-333

GPR-12-333  PPM O2 sensor is ideal for measuring oxygen 0-10 PPM in a gas mixture. This innovative sensor design carries over many of the features of the traditional galvanic oxygen sensor but poses much higher sensitivity, stability and high signal to noise ratio with 24 months operating life thus offerring effective analyzer solution for measuring low levels PPM oxygen analysis

This sensor is specifically designed to for Advanced Instruments, Inc., trace oxygen analyzer, explosion proof, intrinsically safe transmitters and portable analyzers.   

  • GPR-1600
  • GPR-1200
  • GPR-1100
  • GPR-18
  • GPR-1800 Series
  • GPR-1500 Series

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Ankersmid engineers, delivers and performs service on analysis equipment, to complete CEM systems and process systems in associated analysis houses. They are used in industrial process technology, laboratories, air force, stable technology and biogas installations

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