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Portable gas probes, heated line and analyzersPortable Gas Analyser Systems

APP150 Gas Sampling Probe

The APP portable gas sampling probe is especially designed for portable applications where easy handling, safe and reliable operation as well as easy maintenance are required. The low weight and innovative design guarantees a perfect operation in a wide range of conditions for short and medium term mobile measurements.
The probe is heated up to 180°C in order to maintain the sample temperature above acid gases dew point. A filter element of 150mm is integrated, suitable for most applications up to 1g of dust per cubic meter of emissions. Thanks to its design, the filter can be replaced or checked without the need of dismounting the probe. For applications where the dust load reaches 10 g/m³, a blowback option can be fitted. Calibration gas can be injected directly into the probe through the calibration gas port according to emission monitoring standards enforcing test gas feeding via the probe’s filter element.

APS portable gas sampling system The portable gas sample probe APP is a perfect completion to the portable gas conditioning system series APS. Both devices can easily be associated and becomes excellent when used in combination with the sample heated line AHL 205 and its innovative quick lock system ensuring efficient, fast and reliable operations. Suitable sample probe tubes are available in heated and unheated versions depending of the level of moisture and flue gas temperature.

ABYSS SynGas ASG infrared analyser can be used for continuous emissions monitoring or the online process measurement of up to 6 gases simultaneously. The ASG uses a combination of two proven technologies: single source Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) method for CO, CO2, CH4, CnHm and electrochemical sensors (ECD) for H2 and O2.  The instrument is housed in a robust and compact enclosure and offers a large variety of features such as on-board BTU calculation and a built-in sampling pump, calibration valves and printer. The typical applications are coal or biomass gasification or pyrolysis, synthesis gas, offgas from steel and iron making process such as blast furnace, coking, converter, direct iron smelting reduction, endo and exo gas generators for heat treating…


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