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atmosFIR EX is an ATEX certified gas analyser system for measurement of industrial gases in a Zone 1 or Zone 2 areaAtex Gas Analyser

atmosFIR EX is an ATEX certified gas analyser system for measurement of industrial gases in a Zone 1 or Zone 2 area, providing a complete EX certified gas measurement system that meets both the sampling of non-flammable and flammable gases, utilizing Protea’s multigas atmosFIR FTIR gas analyser platform.

The FTIR gas analyser in the atmosFIR EX system is the atmosFIR multigas FTIR, capable of the instantaneous measurement of hundreds of gases. Be it for emissions monitoring from standard combustion processes (NOx, CO, SO2, HCl), multiple VOC emissions measurements or process control measurements, such as siloxanes from landfill gas, the power of Protea’s FTIR analyser means the atmosFIR EX system can be used across multiple applications.

Multipoint gas analysis is part of the atmosFIR EX system design, with the measurement of up to 12 sample points, with automated sequential control from PAS-Pro FTIR analyser software. This allows, for example, the measurement of both process gas measurement and emissions monitoring with the one analyser system. For ATEX Zone 1 applications requiring the measurement of flammable gases, the management of the internal source of release requires external ATEX certified sample control valves mounted to the exterior of the atmosFIR EX rack.

The industrial PC controlling atmosFIR EX gives the option of remote control of the system via Modbus protocols, OPC Server or Remote Desktop applications. Data is saved continuously, with separate data logs per measurement stream.


atmosFIR ex Brochure atmosFIR ex Brochure
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