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Multi-component analyzer
Single-flange solution
No interference from background gasesLaserGas™ iQ2 Vulcan

LaserGas™ iQ2 Vulcan is the first in-situ single-flange solution to measure up to four gases (O2, CO, CH4, H2O) as well as the process temperature in a single unit.

Based on the well-proven and trusted tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, the solution combines cutting-edge design and ground-breaking functionality. It is a complete combustion solution eliminating the need for multiple units.

Advanced TDLAS technology enables unmatched reliability and durability. Installation costs of this all-in-one solution are significantly reduced since only one flange is needed. In addition, operational and maintenance costs are kept at a minimum.

Certifications and approvals
CSA Class 1/Div 2 A,B,C,D

O2 + CO as standard configurationsAdd on component:

  • CH4
  • H2O %
  • Temperature


  • No interference from background gases
  • Factory calibrated
  • No zero drift
  • Transceiver configuration
  • Automatic gain
  • In-situ measurement
  • Span check/validation option for O2, CO, and CH4
  • Temperature up to 1562 °F/850°C


  • Combustion analysis
  • Boilers
  • Process heaters
  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • VCM waste gas recovery
  • Reformer gas

Customer benefits

  • Up to 5 measuring components O2, CO, CH4, H2O and temperature
  • Can handle a typical combustion process up to 1562 °F/850°C
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to install transceiver, one unit ensures easy alignment
  • Double path length increases absorption signal for low concentration
  • Well-proven technology


LaserGas-iQ2-Vulcan_rev2 LaserGas-iQ2-Vulcan_rev2
LaserGas-iQ2-Vulcan-US-Letter-size_rev2 LaserGas-iQ2-Vulcan-US-Letter-size_rev2

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