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The color of oil distillate changes as you refine it into different usable productscolor in hydrocarbons

We measure color in hydrocarbons.
The color of oil distillate changes as you refine it into different usable products, varying from the black of crude to the pale yellow of lighter oils. Experienced technicians can eyeball a hydrocarbon product and, if the color is off, detect contamination or degraded quality. The OMA Color Analyzer removes the subjectivity and error from this determination. By measuring the full UV-Vis absorbance spectrum of a hydrocarbon stream, the OMA outputs real-time color according to the ASTM D-1500 scale of 0 to 8.   In this video from Applied Analytics engineering, we demo how easily you can use the OMA for a continuous color measurement using ASTM D-1500 calibration. 


OMA 300 color in hydrocarbons OMA 300 color in hydrocarbons
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