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Measurement and control of the viscosity
liquid processes.Viscosity

The ViscoScope process viscometer consists of a sensor connected to a transmitter via a transmission cable.
The transmitter drives the sensor stimulating it to an oscillating torsion at a small amplitude. A fast closed loop PID controller keeps the resonance frequency of the sensor constant. Thus the higher the viscosity, the greater the power required. This can be used to measure of the dynamic viscosity in mPa•s x gr/cm³ (η x ρ). The inline viscometer is ready to perform measurements immediately and reacts to changes in viscosity in less than 2 seconds.

The torsional oscillation of the probe generates a shear wave with a low penetration in the liquid. This technology makes it possible to detect the smallest differences in viscosity even under challenging process conditions.

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Viscoscope-Sensor VA-300L

This model has been designed for high precision measurements at very low viscosities.Calibration between 0.1 and 2,500 cP.  

Viscoscope-Transmitter VS-4450

The transmitter VS-4450 has an alphanumeric display, alarm LED's and push buttons for configuration. Configuration by Palm, Pocket-PC or PC.  

Viscoscope-Transmitter VS-B450

This model has the same functionality as the VS-4450 but only has a single LED indicator. 


The ViscoView software is a data collection system for ViscoScope viscometer system. 

Viscoscope-Sensor VA-300M

This sensor has been designed for high precision measurements at medium viscosities. Calibration between 1.0 and 25,000 cP. Making it usefull in many applications. 

Videoscope-Sensor VA-300H

The model VA-300H has been designed for viscosities between 10 and 250,000 cP.  

Videoscope-Sensor VA-300X

This sensor has been designed for measurements at very high viscosities. Calibration between 100 and 25,000,000 cP. 

Viscoscope-Sensor VA-300S

In some special (S) cases one needs a special construction of the sensor. The model VA-300S has been designed for such requirements. 

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