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RVS condensaat afscheider om condensaat(vloeistof) te scheiden van verzadigd monstername gas Liquid Seperator

The automatic liquid separator is used to condensate (liquid) to separate saturated gas sampling. The automatic float occurs at atmospheric pressure or higher that gas flows back into the process. The float separator also prevents the gas that is secreted. It just flows so fluid. 

The ALD 010 separates off based on gravity. The casing, float, and valve seals are manufactured from stainless steel.

The exit valve is controlled by a lever, which is driven by the float.
Once the float falls too far, the valve closed, so no gas can escape.
The ALD separator 020 is modified with an additional gas connection.

  • Onderhoudsvrij Maintenance Free
  • Reliable function even in the presence of oil and pollution
  • Very long service life / durability
  • No loss of analysegas.
  • Fully stainless steel
  • Extremely high power drain




Liquid Drains Liquid Drains
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Ankersmid engineers, delivers and performs service on analysis equipment, to complete CEM systems and process systems in associated analysis houses. They are used in industrial process technology, laboratories, air force, stable technology and biogas installations

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