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Ankersmid Process will be present at the Wots.

World of Technology and Science

Ankersmid Process will be present at the Wots.


Seminar Quality & Control
Wednesday5 October – Room Mission 2

Quality Assurance System (QAS)

With users of analysis equipment survives the image supplied as standard analyzers meet the specifications of the supplier. The only way to guarantee this is to show that the test results were in fact correct. The QAS tool makes use of traceable standards, making it possible to fix the instrument characteristics and to check against applicable standards.

Richard Holtkamp, Ankersmid

image1Quality Assurance System (QAS)

The image with users of analysis equipment which delivered live analyzers and measurement standards meet the specifications of the supplier. Often this is also true, suppliers handle internal and external standards to give the specified quality analyzers to deliver and often guarantee. Users work towards a consistent quality of their product. This quality is controlled by, inter alia, analyzers. These analyzers will themselves have to meet the expectations of the user during the lifetime of the analyzers. Only polish and validate 2 points / calibration compliant not.

The only way to guarantee this is by actually demonstrate that the measurement results are correct. The unique QAS which Ankersmid process has been "the" tool that makes this possible. With the help of the QAS, which uses international traceable standards, it is possible to instrument the characteristics such as linearity, span and zero drift, converter efficiency, etc. to capture and, if desired, to test against applicable standards and measurement requirements.

Here we can make use of the expertise of our independent measurement service BIEM (Belgian Dutch Institute for Emission and Environmental Measurements). BIEM is moreover accredited ISO 17025. For a complete overview of the scope, see the site of the Council for Accreditation Scope L365.

Performance features:

Besides the preventive and corrective maintenance Ankersmid has the ability to determine the performance characteristics of analytical equipment.

In ISO 10849 and 12039 en NEN-EN 14789, 14792 are described on what specifications an emissions monitor must meet.

 These specifications relate to both analytical aspects as response speed.

 Parameters on which the analyzers are tested

  • linearity
  • Identify significant interference
  • Lower detection limit
  • Response times
  • Zero and span drift
  • Converter Efficiency

Other parameters in consultation with the user.

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Ankersmid engineers, delivers and performs service on analysis equipment, to complete CEM systems and process systems in associated analysis houses. They are used in industrial process technology, laboratories, air force, stable technology and biogas installations

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