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This sensor has been designed for high precision measurements at medium viscosities. Calibration between 1.0 and 25,000 cP. Making it usefull in many applications.Viscoscope-Sensor VA-300M

The ViscoScope sensor VA-300M is designed for the measurement of medium viscosities. The range which can be covered by the Model VA300M is:

Range: 1.0 to 25,000.0 mPa.s x gr/cm3

Typically the VA-300M sensor is calibrated for a three decade range but is capable to cover more than 4  decades of viscosity measurement.

The ViscoScope VA-300M sensor generates a very small torsional oscillation resonance of constant amplitude on the probe surface. By adjusting the amplitude, the sensor can even be configured for difficult applications. A closed PID loop controls the amplitude of system. Viscosity is being measured by extracting the viscosity signal from the PID control loop. Using well established as well as new PID control technology enables a large measurement range,  long term stability and fast response.

The entirely welded construction seals the sensor from the process. By utilizing an extremely small amplitude of torsional resonance motion and a sealed construction the internals of the sensor are not exposed to any wear and tear.

The ViscoScope VA-300M sensor can be mounted in any position into a tank, reactor or pipe. The measurement can be made, where it is most important for the application. Current process parameters are made available for measurement and control purposes. Turbulent flow in a tank, reactor or pipe does not have an influence on the measurement.

    Maintenance free operation of the ViscoScope sensor VA-300M provides low cost of ownership.

    The sensor is available for three different temperature ranges:

    VA-300M-LT: Maximum Process temperature 130°C / 270°F
    VA-300M-MT: Maximum Process temperature 300°C / 570°F
    VA-300M-HT: Maximum Process temperature 450°C / 840°F

    Dependent on the temperature classification, the temperature is measured with one or two Pt100 temperature sensors. The process temperature measurement is being done directly in the viscosity probe and at the same location at which the viscosity is being measured. A second Pt100 monitors the coil temperature.

    Use of the sensor in a hazardous, classified area is accomplished via safety barriers. The sensor can be provided with different agency approvals.

    The ViscoScope VA-300M sensor is compatible with the ViscoScope electronics VS-4450 and VS-B450.


    Overview ViscoScope 300 series Overview ViscoScope 300 series
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