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Ankersmid aerosols / particulate filter liquid. Extremely fine filter for removing acid droplets / acid mistAFP Fluid particle(aerosol) filter

The Ankersmid aerosols filter filter extremely small particles liquid / acid fog. It is recommended for sampling acid gases with a dew point above 100 C. For example, heavy oil, coal and oxygen glass furnaces.
The filter filters the extremely small liquid particles, so fine that they are no drop in the cooler and therefore can not be separated.
Also, the acid droplets formed by pressure increase after flowmeters. Prevention is better than filtering. Avoid cold spots leading your analysis!
The ideal position is just before the analyzer
For extra protection, the implementation gentegreerd with a hydrophobic membrane, which acts as a liquid stop.
The filter element consists of 2 parts and this filter is the only filter in our series that flows from inside out
The inside with very fine fiber strips binds the particles are saturated in the gas and carry the gas to the large outer layer.
Here, the fog droplets and it is so by the vertical flow direction and the law of gravity separated from the gas
Even if the filter element is completely saturated it remains fully effective. Even normal particles not impacted the operation.
This makes the state virtually unlimited time.
The fibers are made of PVDF to avoid reaction with the gas.
The hydrophobic membrane filter total excludes the moisture out of key.
The glass surface can easily see what has happened with the liquid and how much is in it.
The seals provide a tight performance.
Because the standard size and functionality, the humidifier also compatible with other brands Commercile. The glass is easy to remove without tools.
Optionally, the humidifier be provided with a fluid sensor, automatic drain, pump, fluid collecting container or a combination thereof
* Filtering> 99.9999% for particles> 0.1 m
* Optional hydrophobic membrane to protect the analyzer
* Visual inspection of exterior
* Easy replacement of filter element
* Wall mounting  


AFP Fluid Partical Filters AFP Fluid Partical Filters
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