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Landfill and biogas sites recover large quantities of gas (methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen) along with other trace constituents.Biogas Installation

Renewable energy from landfill and biogas

Landfill and biogas sites recover large quantities of gas (methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen) along with other trace constituents. Methane as renewable energy is consumed as a fuel to generate electricity while also reducing the carbon footprint.

A gas fired generator in continuous operation consumes the recovered gas stream for fuel to produce the electricity and must be operated at optimum efficiency. In order to monitor the concentration of methane, carbon dioxide, and oxygen in the recovered gas stream an analyzer instrument is utilized. The methane concentration in the gas stream can vary and this measurement is critical to the generator control system so that adjustments to speed and air/fuel ratio set points can be updated in order to minimize emissions and optimize electricity generated. For these reasons it often is required and makes sense to monitor the gas in a continuous fashion and therefore an analyzer is needed that requires minimal operation and maintenance attention, and that it is reliable through long periods of unmanned plant operation. The Ultramat 23 continuous gas analyzer capable of (real-time) measuring up to (4) gas components at once is the right choice for the task at hand.

Integrated into a NEMA 4 enclosure with a sample handling system, data acquisition module, and freeze protection, provides a simple and yet complete gas concentration measurement solution for landfill and biogas analysis.


Process analytics support higher yields in biogas Process analytics support higher yields in biogas plants
Landfill and biogas monitoring Landfill and biogas monitoring

Siemens Biogas analyser U 23

The well-proven ULTRAMAT 23 gas analyzer extended with an hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensor 

Dr. Födisch Biogas-Monitor

The biogas monitor can monitor up to 4
gas components continuously 

Cubic Online NDIR Biogas Analyzer

Gasboard 3200 infrared biogas analyzer can be used for measurement of the concentration of CH4, CO2, H2S and O2 

Portable NDIR Syngas Analyzer

Gasboard 3100P portable infrared coal gas analyzer is powered by Li- ion battery and can be used without AC power supply. 

Biogas monstername

Gas analysis in biogas plants with
the "Set BGA" complete measuring
system from Siemens 

Wall-Mounted Biogas Analysis System

A complete biogas analysis system biogas analyzer Gasboard-320: CH4, CO2, H2S and O2  

Ankersmid engineers, delivers and performs service on analysis equipment, to complete CEM systems and process systems in associated analysis houses. They are used in industrial process technology, laboratories, air force, stable technology and biogas installations

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