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Determination of the moisture/water content of many different kind of materials (e.g.: powder and bulks, sand, granules, pellets… oil, diesel, coolant, sludge… )Liebherr Moisture Measurement System Litronic FMS II

Liebherr has been developing measurement systems for industrial automation since 1985. Our sensors reliably determine the moisture in various materials. The benefit of Liebherr measurement systems is high precision thanks to 40 measurements per second, as well as the sensors' reproducibility.

Sensors are developed and manufactured at the Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH location in Bad Schussenried (Germany). Here, we produce and calibrate the sensors in an environment protected against ESD.

Competence due to experienceSensor tests at Liebherr
We test each sensor over the entire working temperature range in a process that takes several hours.
When Liebherr started producing sensors, we used the measurement systems that we developed ourselves only in our own concrete mixing plants. Here, the sensors are used to determine the sand moisture in the process. For this task, we developed sensors that work reliably even under extreme outdoor conditions. Our experience in concrete technology pays off for our customers: Liebherr sensors measure precisely and have a long service life.

Wide range of applications
The application areas for the perfected measurement system have expanded enormously in the interim. Thanks to numerous interfaces, the sensors can be integrated without problems into various production processes. Customers around the world therefore benefit from Liebherr sensors. The clientèle ranges from automotive suppliers in the USA, a paper factory in the Netherlands and a sugar producer on Guadeloupe.


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