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atmosFIR is the successor to Protea's previous emissions monitoring FTIR systems,atmosFIR

atmosFIR is the successor to Protea's previous emissions monitoring FTIR systems, keeping all the features that users found valuable in achieving their measurement results, but offering the benefits of the new atmosFIR platform with increased portability, lower ownership costs and increased measurement performance.

atmosFIR can be considered a simple multi-gas analyser for combustion gas measurements; indeed for some users that is all it will be and as such it provides a cost-effective and complete measurement system. However, for the expert user atmosFIR will offer all the benefits of FTIR, with hundreds of gas measurements, multiple analytical ranges, in-depth chemometric result diagnoses and dedicated on-board sampling system.

With Protea's in-house chemometrics application support and 15+ year history of emission monitoring projects, atmosFIR offers the user the complete package for their monitoring needs. With long-lifetime VCSEL reference laser diode, unique cell design, and air cooled DTGS detector with 24-bit ADC, atmosFIR is a step-change in value and service lifetime for FTIR emission gas analysis.


atmosFIR Brochure atmosFIR Brochure
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