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Portable instrument for measuring mercury
in air and other gasesMercury Tracker-3000 XS

The new Mercury Tracker-3000 XS

  • lighter
  • smaller
  • more comfortable

We updated the well-proven Mercury Tracker 3000 IP!

The new Mercury Tracker-3000 XS weighs even less, it is smaller, easier to handle and features GPS, a 5.7" color TFT display and new high performance Eneloop battery pack with minimized self-discharge.
Needless to say the benefits of the old Tracker were not discarded.

Real time measurement
High precision measuring principle: atomic absorption (AAS)
Easy to operate
Shock proof and corrosion resistant for rugged field operation
Measuring ranges 0.1-100 / 0-1000 / 0-2000 µg/m³
High resolution 0.0001 mg/m³
Data logger integrated
Mercury Tracker-3000 XS Applications
Avoid problems related to mercury contamination!
The Mercury Tracker-3000 XS is a lightweight, compact and rugged instrument with built-in GPS for measuring the mercury concentration in air. Applications include:

  • Safety at work
  • Exhaust gas survey
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Mercury spills screening
  • Hazardous waste inspection
  • Investigation of contaminated sites
  • Investigation of mercury contamination in air
  • Measurement of mercury in scietific research

Measuring principle
The mercury concentration is measured in an optical cell entirely made of a high purity grade fused silica. A maintenance-free membrane pump continuously feeds the sample gas into the measuring cell where the attenuation of a UV beam is measured. Analytical wavelength used is 253.7 nm.

This measuring method is called "Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry" (CVAAS) , which is extremely sensitive for mercury determination and is widely used for many years.

Analytical performance
EDLThe Mercury Tracker-3000 XS uses a high-frequency driven electrodeless mercury discharge lamp (EDL) as UV source. It generates emission lines of an extremely narrow bandwidth which are congruent with the absorption lines of the Hg atoms to be measured. Cross-sensitivities are thus minimized.

Contrary to gold film based systems, the Mercury Tracker-3000 XS shows virtually no interference to hydrogen sulfide or water vapor. The extremely high stability of the UV source is a result of the reference detector method which is applied in the Mercury Tracker-3000 XS. Total background noise is less than 0.1 μg/m³.
To prevent temperature drift both the lamp unit and the detectors are temperature-stabilized.
The instrument is factory calibrated before delivery. The calibration remains stable over a long period of time.

Special features

  • Mercury Tracker-3000 XS
  • rugged and noncorrosive ABS case dirt repellent bag with padded top for transport and savekeeping waterproof keypad and cable connectors
  • comfortable shoulder strap
  • operates at least five hours on fully charged Eneloop battery pack
  • additional quick swap Eneloop battery pack (optional)
  • membrane pump with long service life
  • factory calibration with long-term stability
  • very fast response time
  • Data logger with GPS
  • 5.7 inch TFT graphical color display with LED backlight,
  • brightness and energy saving switch-off delay adjustable

Easy to operate
The Mercury Tracker-3000 XS is controlled by menu-guided inputs on a waterproof membrane keypad and a 5.7" TFT graphic display with LED backlight. After switch-on the light source is stabilized (approx. 1 - 5 minutes) and the baseline is automatically adjusted by the auto zero function. Measurement starts automatically, continuously indicating the mercury concentration of the air as a numerical value and a graphic bar.

In case of a malfunction the operator of the Mercury Tracker-3000 XS is warned via messages on the display.

Mercury Tracker MeasuregraphSoftware Hg-Transfer
 The device also features a serial interface (USB) as well as bluetooth for data transfer to a PC. All data can be saved as ASCII or EXCEL®-files. The necessary software (Mercury Instruments Hg-Transfer) is included.
The newly updated version now features a graphical window presenting the measurements in a clearly laid out preview.

Mercury Tracker-3000 XSMobile use
The Mercury Tracker-3000 XS runs at least seven hours on rechargeable 12V Eneloop batteries. For longer employments the battery pack can quickly be swapped for fully charged spare batteries (additional Eneloop battery packs as option).
With an optionally available cigarette lighter adapter the instrument can be powered by the car battery or another 12V DC source.

The comfortable shoulder strap allows for easy field work without fatigue. The included telescopic probe makes it easy to measure the areal distribution of mercury concentrations. The probe can be stowed away in a separate bag.
Data logger with GPS
The data logger saves the measurements to a built-in 4 GB SD card.
The Data logger allows for an automatic and continuous storage of the measured concentrations. The interval between measurements to be saved can be set to a time between 1 and 999 seconds (logging rate).
Along with the concentration the saved data set includes time, date and - if desired - the geographical position (GPS).
The built-in GPS receives US-GPS, Galileo and GLONASS. This increases the accuracy of the positioning and ensures an optimized signal reception.

Mercury Tracker-3000 XS: Technical Specifications
Measuring principle: UV absorption (CVAAS), Wavelength = 253,7 nm
UV source: Electrodeless low-pressure mercury lamp (EDL)
Stabilization method: Reference beam method
Optical cell:Fused silica (Suprasil), l = 170 mm
Measuring ranges:

  • 0.1 - 100 µg/m³
  • 0 - 1000 µg/m³
  • 0 - 2000 µg/m³

Sensitivity:0.1 µg/m³ (0.01 ppb)
Response time:Approx. 1 second, real time measurement
Alarm:Exceedance of concentration, 3 levels programmable
Status alarms:

  • measuring cell soiled
  • battery state
  • UV lamp exhausted

Control pad: waterproof membrane keypad
Measurement Display:5.7 inch TFT graphical color display, with LED backlight,brightness and energy saving switch-off delay adjustable
Signal outputs:

  • serial: USB
  • Bluetooth

Software for data transfer:Mercury Instruments "Hg-Transfer" included on delivery,export of data: EXCEL® and ASCII format
Data storage:built-in Data logger, internal 4 GB SD-card automatic time and date stamp, GPS stamp if activated
GPS: built-in, receives US-GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and others for increase in positioning accuracy and improved reception
Internal power supply: rechargeable 12 V Eneloop batteries with min. capacity of 7 hours and minimized self-discharge, quick swap battery packs as option
External power supply: 110 - 230 VAC/50 - 60 Hz; with mains adapter
external 12 V DC sources, (Cigarette lighter adapter optional)
Dimensions: approx. 29 x 17 x 14 cm (11.6" x 6.8" x 5.6") (W x H x D)
Weight: approx. 2.6 kg (incl. battery pack)
ISO Certificate (English): As a leading supplier of high precision analytical equipment, we strive at all times to offer top quality solutions. Our products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 quality regulations.


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