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Polarimetry will provide information about the molecular structure, the concentration of the substance and sometimes information about the solvent used..Polarimeters

With polarimeters manufactured by A.KRÜSS Optronic you can swiftly analyze the specific components of a solution. In certain areas of application polarimeters can replace other more complicated measuring methods such as HPLC.

Certain substances, sugar solutions for example, are subject to this phenomenon of  “rotation of polarization” as a result of optical activity.

When held against the light, a basic polarizing filter looks grey. If two such filters are held in tandem, a position is revealed through which light cannot pass.

Both filters have their own plane of transmission for the so-called polarization of light, and in the above mentioned setting these planes are vertical to each other.

Substances subject to “optical activity“ can rotate the polarization of light. If such a substance is positioned between two polarizing filters, a certain amount of light is admitted through the filter pair.The amount of light now becomes a measurement for

- the passage of light through the substance
- the concentration of the substance
- certain constants specific to the substance

The polarimeters manufactured by A. KRÜSS Optronic are measuring instruments which use polarizing filters to determine this rotation with pinpoint accuracy.


DB_Polarimeter_EN_3.0_Technical-data-V2 DB_Polarimeter_EN_3.0_Technical-data-V2
DB_Polarimeter_measurement_tubes_en_1.0_ DB_Polarimeter_measurement_tubes_en_1.0_
DB_Polarimeter-standards_EN_1.0-1 DB_Polarimeter-standards_EN_1.0-1
BR_Polarimeter_EN_3.0 BR_Polarimeter_EN_3.0

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