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Service and linearity reports for all your analysis Service contracts up to 4 hours on site consignment.Service support

Service support

The Ankersmid team of engineers offers professional on-site or off-site service support.
We can also provide a 24/7 on-site consignment service for 24/7/365. Sometimes also for other companies.

Ankersmid has the stock of the most used spare parts in stock and has a fast response system with its suppliers. A service contract not only guarantees fast service support, but also the best way for customers to guarantee a longer system life and minimum downtime, because it guarantees that regular preventive maintenance is performed. Periodic inspection or calibration can also benefit the production process.

KWS (Quality Guarantee System)
Our KWS (Quality Guarantee System) ensures that emission monitoring systems work according to specification. The following performance characteristics of instruments are determined during QAS tests.
• Linearity
• Interference speed of other components on the measurement
• Response times
• Instrument deviation (zero span)
• Converter efficiency (NOx measurement)

The KWS is also suitable for the certification of calibration gases. All KWS results are fully traceable to trusted international standards.

Ankersmid has a unique KWS (Quality Guarantee System). This is the tool that makes it possible to demonstrate that the measurement results from the analyzer are correct. With the help of the KWS, which uses internationally traceable standards, it is possible to record the instrument characteristics, such as linearity, converter efficiency, etc. If desired, the data can be checked against the
applicable standards and measurement regulations.

If you have to continue with your measurements during service work, Ankersmid often offers the option of hiring an equivalent analyzer. In the unlikely event that your equipment can no longer be repaired
we go through the options for a new or replacement analyzer with you. Even then you can of course contact Ankersmid for a rental device for the intervening period.

Whether you require frequent or occasional maintenance, have many or few analyzers at your disposal, Ankersmid always offers the right possibility to find a suitable solution for your service request through a range of service contracts and to take over the maintenance for you. We are always prepared to offer you the options for tailor-made solutions
discuss the service package with you.

Of course, it will be apparent that in most cases our engineers will return your analyzer in perfect working condition because we are able to offer a complete service program like no other.

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Ankersmid engineers, delivers and performs service on analysis equipment, to complete CEM systems and process systems in associated analysis houses. They are used in industrial process technology, laboratories, air force, stable technology and biogas installations

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