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For high temperatures 
up to 200°C

Fixed PTFE-tube
(6x1, 8x1 or 10x1 mm)

Heated lines series AHLX2003-PA

For high temperatures up to 200°C
Fixed PTFE-tube (6x1, 8x1 or 10x1 mm)

ATEX aproved


This electrical heated AHLX2003-PA sample tube is designed to transport sample gas through an explosive zone type 1 op 2, but not zones type 0. They can be connected to all Ankersmid sample elements. They are used to keep the necessary gas components above their ACID-dew point, and avoid condensation.
This is a safe way to transport the sample to a heated analyser or the special Ankersmid coolers.

Fixed sample tube out of PTFE in a second PTFE-tube.

These AHLH2004-PA heated lines are manufactured according to the clients needs and completely confectioned in the factory at a fixed length.

The sample line is standard equipped with a PT100 for temperature control. The heater used in this type is ONE serial resistance, twisted around the tube. Due to this construction we can not have cold zones or spots, where a potential blockage can occur.

Flexible isolation out of multi-layer glass wool.
A variety of standard lines is available but many options can be supplied as well.
Ready-to-use with multi-pole connector.

This heated sample tube is ready-to-use on each tip a stainless steel stud makes connection easy.

See our folder Chpt. 2.1.1 for all versions.

  • Completely manufactured “ready-to-use”
  • Never cold spots
  • Tube 6x1 , 8x1 or 10x1 mm
  • PTFE-tube fixed
  • Max. available length 48 meter
  • One serial heater with PTFE-insulation and protective gain of stainless steel
  • 2 sensors PT100 are incorporated at 300 mm from the tip of the line
  • The electric cables are 1,5 meter, only to be used with ATEX-approved temperature controller and limiter

    CE-certified under no. EX5 07 10 29587 004


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