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For the analysis of isotopes and molecules with very small sample quantities.Massa Spectrometry

In a mass spectrometer are individual molecules of the sample ionized in the gas phase. Thereafter, the resulting ions are accelerated in a very precisely controlled electric field. The ions are then separated according to their mass / charge- ratio (m / z) which is followed by the detection . In a mass spectrum shows the intensity of each m / z .

A completely different analysis technique , FT -MS ( Fourier Transform - Mass Spectrometry ) uses a magnetic field in which the ions are trapped . A radio pulse brings them into resonance. This results in a resonance signal, which is measured in the time . By a Fourier transform of the measured signal is directly produced a very mass spectrum . This technique can achieve a very high resolution and has a particularly high efficiency.

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Quantra Massaspectometer

Highly advanced FT- ICR MS technique now available for the process industry and laboratory applications.


Protea’s ProMass analyser is a compact, robustly designed semi-portable Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QMS) instrument. 

Ankersmid engineers, delivers and performs service on analysis equipment, to complete CEM systems and process systems in associated analysis houses. They are used in industrial process technology, laboratories, air force, stable technology and biogas installations

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