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Flame Ionisation Detector to measure total hydrocarbons.FID

19” Rack Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

The Flame-Ionisation-Detector (FID) 1230 Module measures total hydrocarbons in a wide range of applications like catalytic-and thermal oxidiser plants, waste gas processing plants, room and environmental air, solvent recovery plants and vehicle exhaust gases. The monitoring is continuous with a high accuracy. Because of the module system, there is an optimal configuration for every measurement task under profit aspects possible.
All modules can be fit in at any time.


  • TÜV approved according to all German Standards      (TA-Luft, 2           BimSchV, 17. BimSchV)
  • Module assembly according to your desires
  • Analytical section heated to 200°C, option 300°C
  • Pump version and total maintenance free injector version available
  • Filter monitoring
  • Automatic flame ignition
  • Hydrogen cut off

Optional Modules

  • RS232 module
  • Temperature controlling module
  • Software in English language for operating the analyzer and datalogging in MS-Excel format
  • Control module (temperature, pressure, H2)

Operation Principle


Also available as table version or microprocessor based


FID Overview Brochure Overview FID
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Fidamat 6

Gas analyzers with an FID (flame ionization detector) are well suited for the continuous total hydrocarbon measurement.  

FID 1230

The Flame-Ionisation-Detector (FID) 1230 Module measures Total Hydrocarbons in a wide range of applications  

FID 3001W

This wall mounted analyser is a compact, robust weatherproofed version. The environmental protection mode is IP55. 

FID 2000 MP

The Flame Ionisation Detector 2000MP is analyzing hydrocarbons in SHED-chambers of different dimensions 

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