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Emission Monitoring: The solution for complete, integrated approach to your emission problems!Unburden measurements

In recent years, companies have increasingly been confronted with laws and regulations in terms of emissions. You should be aware of all (and the last) rules on emission area. You are expected to know which flue gas components are part of the corporate issues, whether they are toxic or not and what should be the maximum emissions. Thereby nature and extent of the emissions must be determined one way or another.



It would also be very nice if you could have an accurate forecast of the financial consequences brought about by your interpretation of the government with.


All these issues around emissions monitoring and stemming from laws and regulations, such as BEES, CO2 and NOX emissions monitoring (EN 14181), you can outsource to us for a fixed monthly fee through a service contract with a term of five years. The advantages of such an approach are numerous::


  • You can continue to focus on your core business.
  • You always have the right measuring methods and systems (as well as rules and
  • Changing requirements).
  • You get high-quality, specialized knowledge in / home.
  • You will gain insight into current and future regulations.
  • You get access to secure, accurate results.
  • You are assured of good service availability.
  • You will receive expert support in quality assurance.
  • You have no initial investment.
  • You get access to a unique partnership that all the 'tools' and expertise in-house for the efficient realization of energy saving and emission reduction.


This concept includes the following elements:

  • Selection of appropriate measurement methods.
  • Engineering emission installations.
  • Supply and install measurement systems.
  • Maintenance, service and user training emission systems.
  • BEES measurements.
  • CO2 and NOx emissions monitoring.
  • Drawing up monitoring protocols.
  • Flue gas analysis (dust, SO2, NH3, HCl, HF, VOC, dioxins).
  • Qal1-, Qal2-, Qal3-, AST measurements and kentalbepaling (PVE EN 14181).



Emission monitoring service package

Who are your partners who offer the service package Emission Monitoring?

The service package is a collaboration between BIEM, Ankersmid and Siemens Process Instrumentation.






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